Almost all TV sales people will say “No problem, you can connect it yourself” They are correct… almost everybody, with a few hours to spare, can connect their new Plasma, LCD, LED, Blu-Ray or Amplifier. However, if you want to get the most out of it your new equipment, it is well worth while to call an experienced professional to connect it all with the correct leads, and give you a rundown on how it all works. Without this extra attention to detail, you may never get anywhere near the value from the money you have just spent.

We even setup a
FAVOURITE channel list and remove the duplicates!
Surround Sound is not Surround Sound if the speakers are installed incorrectly. Most lounge rooms or TV entertainment rooms are not acoustically designed, but with a bit of thought, any system can sound good. Of course if the speakers are just mounted any old place, they just won’t deliver.